Meet Kamaria






Hey Besties!  My name is Kamaria and I am the Mini CEO of Brown Girls' Stationery, LLC.  I started my business a little over three years ago with my mom because I wanted to create products that other brown girls could relate to. I L-O-V-E designing new products for our store for you.  So far, I have created notepads, notebooks, umbrellas, backpacks, t-shirts, shower curtains and greeting cards.  I am so excited to continue to grow my business with each of my newest besties!  Over the last year, my business has grown so much!  I have been featured in magazines, on the news and I have been able to speak to many different schools and the importance of entrepreneurship! 

 I could not do this without you!  Thank you so much for continuing to support my business as we grow!  

 To book speaking engagements or for vending opportunities, please email:




Kamaria W., Mini CEO