Our Story


Established January 16, 2017, as a gift to her daughter, Kamaria, Brown Girls Stationery was created in response to the lack of diversity in the stationery world.  For many parents of brown girls, planning birthday parties and other events can be extremely difficult when many of the characters do not look like our brown girls.  As a mother, Shaunice grew frustrated because every year, her daughter had to settle for a generic invitation. In 2016, Shaunice and her daughter, Kamaria decided to seek solutions to this problem. The mother-daughter duo used the weeks leading up to Kamaria's 8th birthday to research, plan and design multiple characters that would allow brown girls to embrace their beauty. From Zoe's curls to Akili Rose's love for STEM, each girls' "story" is carefully thought out by Kamaria.  



About Shaunice

Lover of God. Mother. Educator. Public Speaker. Business Coach. Graphic Designer


My name is Shaunice and I am the Co-Creator of Brown Girls' Stationery.  Not only am I a mother and co-creator but I am also a full time high school teacher. As an educator and mother, I understand the importance of representation and entrepreneurship.  Working with my 8 year daughter over the last year has been an amazing journey.  We spent hours and many long nights and weekends designing collections that would be representative of every brown girl and eventually brown boy.  In my spare time, I love to attend church, support my students in their academic and athletic events and design wedding stationery.