Our Story

 What do you get your child when they  have almost every piece of technology available and probably every Barbie Doll created?  

A business!

January 16, 2017, was the day I said "NO" to new toys being swept under the bed... "NO" to poor old electronics thrown into the dark tunnel known as her toy box... I even said "NO" to the endless amount of abandoned Barbie dolls strategically placed on the floor for me to trip over in the middle of the night. 

.. we skipped the party and went straight to the bank!

I decided to gift my then 8 year old daughter with a business! 


... But why?


For many parents, planning birthday parties and other events can be one of the most stressful times we will ever face, especially when the characters look nothing like our brown girls.  Let's face it, this momma got super tired of settling for generic invitations! 

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

The year before our launch, I had a major surgery to remove a tumor and I missed Christmas and the huge party I had imagined for Mari's 7th birthday party, had to be put on hold.  It was during that time that I learned Illustrator and Photoshop, not knowing that I would use it the following year.  Fast forward to Mari's 8th birthday party, I had so many ideas!  From glitter, to diamonds, swirls, any and everything you could imagine...

but there was one problem.. 

Mari wanted a that looked like her..  

 .. so what does a mom do?

We put on our Supermom capes and get to work!  Mari and I spent weeks researching, planning and designing an invitation perfectly crafted for her.  That's how we came up with Zoe! She's full of curls and energy just like Mari!

So, yea, we didn't do a party for her 8th birthday but we did hit the launch button on our website. One thing you should know is that from Zoe's curls to Akili Rose's love for STEM, each besties' story is carefully thought out by Mari.  She wants to create characters that resemble brown kids everywhere!